About Jen

Hi, I’m Jen Jennifer MacNiven photography
World traveler, passionate photographer, entrepreneur, author, yogi and lover of the itty bitty details of life (like heart rocks).

I love yoga in tropical climates, unplugging in the woods, dancing freely, networking with like-minded soul-full entrepreneurs, deep connections, quality conversations, all things esoteric, witty banter and hanging with my boyfriend and his 3 teenage kids. However, as an empath who feels all the feels, I LOVE my alone time too.

Travel is in my blood. Growing up a military kid moving every two years and 7 states I chose the PNW to call home for 20 years and currently reside in Colorado. I’m blessed to have witnessed the beauty of 32 countries and I long for more adventures. Photography has helped me capture the moments, people, culture and the essence of each of these places.

I found a camera by my side ever since I was little, however, my passion turned profession as my side career in 2004 and in 2013 it became my full time love after my 13 year career in the Neurological Medical device industry came to a close.

My corporate career left me unfulfilled, unhappy and burnt out, however, a spontaneous trip to Bali became the catalyst to an unplanned 5-year journey around the world with my trusty camera with me capturing the rollercoaster of a journey and the amazing people I met along the way. I was drawn to the location independent entrepreneurs and found documenting their lives and businesses was a perfect fit and the direction I was meant to pursue.

jennifer macniven yoga All the meanwhile I was doing my own inner work, finding my true purpose, self love and doing the inner healing work. My book Mind, Body, Soulmate reflects this profound journey and is a guide for others going through big life transitions as well. Having found that self love helps me as a photographer to relate to others who have body image issues and are genuinely uncomfortable in front of a camera, yet long to be witnessed.

I realize it’s a big deal and intimidating for most people to be vulnerable and truly seen. I feel most alive when I’m creating that fun, carefree and safe space to help others to embrace their inner and outer beauty, their power, confidence, and to be authentically themselves… while I capture that essence as stunning images.

I realize there’s so much more to the experience of a photo session than just taking pictures, the emotional side of photography is equally important with the outcome being a true reflection of one’s spirit, how other’s see them, their beauty with all their I’Mperfections that make them unique, human and relatable.

I’ve photographed private moments, corporate events, and retreats in the most exotic of places with inspired entrepreneurs, conscious businesses, teachers and thought leaders (from financial planners, business and life coaches, creatives, health practitioners and yoga instructors). Capturing beautiful images of my clients in the desert of Morocco, the rice fields of Bali, the beaches of Australia, the jungles of Peru, the busy streets of Istanbul, the quaint alleys of Barcelona and the mountains of Switzerland.

Needless to say, I will travel to capture YOUR experience and provide stunning images that embody the essence and emotion behind your offering.

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