Personal Branding Stories –
Krystle Etri

“I am on a mission to transform the world by activating the greatness of humanity through the vehicle of health and well-being.”  Dr. Krystle Etri is a Naturopathic Doctor who integrates cutting edge modern science with the traditional healing arts.  She uses natural modalities, Chinese medicine, herbal therapy, and homeopathy in harmony with the innate wisdom of the body to restore optimum balance.  Her core belief is that fine-tuning our physical bodies, the vehicle for our souls, provides the foundation to live life at our highest capacity – passionately and with purpose.

Krystle’s photo session was done in Bali in the vast beauty of an organic farm surrounded by rice fields.  The setting was the epitome of what she offers as a physician, sharing health, vibrance, and wellness and the photos reflect that essence.

Personal Branding Stories –
Juliana Morris

“Historically, sex hasn’t been easy (or fun) to talk about. Especially for women. Truly, for men too. Hell, for ALL OF US. I’m here to change that.
I believe in order for us to create a safe, exciting and meaningful sexual culture, we must include all genders and look at sexuality holistically and I’d love to walk alongside you on your journey. Thanks to my conversational approach and sense of humor, people have told me I’m like ‘your best girlfriend…with a PH.D.’ and that working with me is like a great doctor’s appointment…with a glass of wine.”

Juliana’s approach to her branding session was to allow her clients to feel that she’s approachable, playful, knowledgable and is fully owning and normalizing sexual health.
Below are a few of the stunning, professional and fun images created for her ongoing social media, marketing and website.

“Jen has found a balance of creativity, empowerment and spot on “OMG! That’s a great idea” moments in her photo shoots.  She lets me come to the shoots with ideas and a vision and takes my starting point and makes it amazing. She took the time to make sure she knew what I wanted I needed in the shoot and then made it 100x better!  She worked tirelessly and made every minute fun.

I trust Jen implicitly with my visions, with my photos and with my brand.

Juliana Morris, PhD, LMFT, LPC

Relationship & (S)expert Coach

Personal Branding Stories –
Shannon Costello Duster

Shannon’s branding session was all about the creative process of being a writer, from the inner reflection, the chaos, the flow, the contemplative moments, the joy and beauty of what gets to be created and shared with readers.  Shannon coaches others through this same process with her online and in person programs.

We spent two days creating multiple looks and feels and her beautiful images ultimately captured the broad spectrum of what it’s like to be a creative in this world. I can’t say enough about this session and how amazing it all turned out.

“This effortlessness and familiarity she embodies is beyond refreshing. Immediately upon meeting Jennifer I felt as though I was in the company of a longtime friend. She instinctively understood what I wanted to achieve with all three of my shoots. She grasps personalities and group dynamics with the sensitivity and perception of a highly trained people whisperer. That level of emotional and social intelligence is remarkable on its own—but to then expertly and nonchalantly capture and convert average settings and everyday moments into extraordinary images and singular works of art? That’s true talent!” – Shannon